How to take a screenshot on tablet

There are several popular tablet platforms (Android, iOS-iPad, and Windows Phone), but the procedure for taking a screenshot is different.

Screenshot on Android tablets

1. Simultaneously hold down the volume down button and the tablet power button (top or side).

Screenshot creation on the latest versions of Android.

2. Release both buttons quickly. A white flash is a signal that a screenshot has been taken.

Screenshot on iPad tablets

On the latest iPad versions, there is no Home button and to take a screenshot you need to hold down the top button and the volume up button.

Screenshot creation on new iPads.

On older iPad versions, you need to hold down the Home button and the button on the top of the tablet to take a screenshot.

Screenshot creation on old iPads.

Screenshot on Windows Phone tablets

If you have a tablet running Windows Phone 8, hold down the key and the power button of the smartphone until the sound of the latch.

Taking a screenshot on old tablets Windows Phone.

If your tablet has Windows Phone 10, then simultaneously hold down the volume up and power keys.

Screenshot creation on new tablets Windows Phone.
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