How to take a screenshot on Android

The way to take a screenshot of the screen depends on your version of Android, if it doesn't work, try the next option.

Screenshot on Android tablets and phones

1. Simultaneously hold down the volume down button and the power button of the phone (top or side).

Taking a screenshot on the latest versions of Android.

2. Release both buttons quickly. A white flash is a signal that a screenshot has been taken.

Screenshot on Android with the Home button

1. Simultaneously hold down the "Home" buttons and the power button of the phone (top or side).

Taking a screenshot on android smartphones with a Home button.

2. A screenshot will appear on the screen.

Screenshot on older versions of Android

If you have keys at the bottom of the screen, then this is your way.

1. Press the Home and Back buttons at the same time.

Taking a screenshot on old smartphones with Android.

2. Wait for the beep, after which the screenshot has been created.

Where the screenshot is saved

When using both the first and second methods, screenshots will be saved in the "Photos" application, in older versions of Android - in the "Gallery".

Which downloadable apps create screenshots

There are a whole bunch of such applications, just download the first free ones in Google Play search.

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