How to take a screenshot on computer

The procedure for creating a screenshot on a computer depends on what type it is: either it is a PC (runs on Windows) or a MacBook (runs on MacOS).

Screenshot on a Windows computer

Press the keys + PrtScr. In some cases, this may not work and you need to press the keys + Ctrl + PrtSrc and + Fn + PrtScr.

We have already written in detail about how to take screenshots of the desired areas or windows on computers with Windows here.

Screenshot on a MacOS computer

1. To take a screenshot of the entire screen, simultaneously hold down the keys ⇧ (Shift) + ⌘ (Cmd, Command) + 3 and hold them.

2. If a thumbnail image appears in the lower right corner, you can edit the resulting screenshot by clicking on the thumbnail. Or wait for the screenshot to appear on the desktop.

For more information on how to take screenshots of the desired areas or windows of MacBook it is written here.

Universal services

Many screenshot services work on all popular platforms, and therefore if you don't understand the previous methods, just download Joxi or LightShots.

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