How we use cookie

Just like most websites, how-to-screenshot.info uses cookies, which give us the opportunity to render services to our readers, see that our services are available and have not failed, as well as analyze data and understand what we are doing wrong, and how we should proceed with developing our editorial and advertising products. In this document, we explain how we use cookies, and what readers can do about it (if they want).

What are cookies

A cookie is a piece of website data that is stored on your computer by the websites you visit.

What cookies do we use and why

We use several different types of cookies:

- Statistics cookies: we use systems to collect statistics, as it is important for us to know how users react to our content and whether they are logged in from devices for which we have not yet drawn up instructions. Based on this data, we understand the size of our audience, as well as what we are doing right and what is wrong. We collect statistics through partners - Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika.

- Advertising: We use ad serving systems (Google DFP and AdFox) to show you contextual ads that match your interests, and not just clutter up the site.

What to do if you don't want to use cookies

You can disable them in your browser's security settings. It is important to understand that the settings must be applied in all browsers that you use (on your computer and on your phone). If you decide to disable cookie, keep in mind that some of the functions of how-to-screenshot.info will no longer be available to you or may work unpredictably.

How to find out more details

Email us at privacy@how-to-screenshot.info.

We use cookie! What does that mean?